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Bovis Energy Explained

Spin. Science has recently shown that substances that affect you negatively have a "right" spin. That is, the electrons of this negative substance, spin around their nucleus in a "right," or clockwise direction (with respect to the atom's magnetic hemisphere). For example, Cancer cells spin right, but our cells' DNA, and all positive elements, spin left. Fortunately however, this negative, "right" spin characteristic of the electrons can be changed to a positive, "left" spin.

The Bovis Level. Directly related to spin direction, is the energy level of a substance. The stronger the substance spins to the left, the higher its energy level is, and the more positive it is for your body. Back in the 1930's, the French physicist, Anton Bovis, studied the life-force energy of a substance, which every living thing emanates. He found that this energy level was directly equated to the magnitude of bio-photons it emitted. Bio-photons are the smallest particles of light-energy, too fine to be seen by the naked eye. See the pictures to the right of algae in light, and the dark image where its emitted bio-photons can be seen. So the energy level of a substance is called its Bovis level, can be quantitatively measured for everything, and ranges from 0 to infinity. The current practice today is to attach the Bovis level to health products, e.g. goji juice (harvested up in the Himalayans) is being touted at 300,000 bovis.

Make your liquids positive. Today almost everyone knows that most tap (and even bottled) water is 'dead' water, but did you know that it can actually rob you of energy when you drink it? That's right - even though you need water to survive, it's robbing you of energy!

Because of all the pollution and negativity on our planet, scientists measure most tap water today at about 3,000 Bovis. But the neutral point for the human body is about 6,000 Bovis: Anything lower than 6,000 Bovis will take away energy from your body, and anything higher than 6,000 will give you energy. This is the reason you are losing energy every time you drink tap, and almost all bottled water. It's because this negative, low-energy, right-spinning water is less than the 6,000 neutral Bovis point of your body!

Important scientific facts and theories on your DNA and bovis (bio-photons):

1. Our DNA is electron-rich, a virtual storehouse for electrons.
2. Electrons absorb and emit bio-photons.
3. The more energy electrons have (and the higher the left spin), the more life-enhancing bio-photons they emit.
4. Therefore, to improve the structure and integrity of our DNA, and thus our overall health and vitality, we merely need present our DNAs' electrons to a source of higher Bovis energy. Drinking left-spinning, high energy water, or wearing the energy devices is one way to do accomplish this.

The new glass Energy Mug/Pitcher/Bead/Pendant are now rated at 12 million Bovis. This is how to change the energy level of something from negative to positive! The Mug emits such a highly charged, left-spinning, positive energy, that it will treat and raise the energy level of your drinking water, and change its spin from right to left, so that it becomes a positive, healing force for your body! Liquids, such as water, juices, teas, coffees, and soft drinks placed inside, or next to the energy devices for a period of time result in having their energy, i.e. their Bovis level raised above the body's neutral point, to a positive level, and now start giving your body energy, instead of robbing your energy! Most treated liquids result in having a less acidic and a fresher, sweeter, smoother taste. You will taste the difference!
Now see the picture at right for a dramatic change in aura: left: Before drinking energized water. Right: 2 minutes after drinking.

Typical water purification systems merely cleanse the water of various chemical, heavy metal and organic contaminants, but they do not restore energy to the water. Compare this with the Energy Mug process developed in 1995 to restore lifeless water into a more pristine, revitalized element. After all, water is a vital nutrient to life and health, along with clean air and clean food. This sets the Energy devices widely apart from, and well-above, magnetized, filtered, purified, mineralized, or otherwise artificially contrived water on the market today.

You can treat and energize almost any substance with your Energy device, not only water. Anything that has a minimal water content - even a cookie. So you can treat liquids, foods (GMOs and irradiated foods especially - at least 15 minutes for these), cosmetics and vitamins, etc. Many users report being able to cut their medication dosage way down after treating them with the Mug or a Bead. Again, the longer you leave the substances in the Mug, the higher their energy level will be. At least 1 minute will change it to positive. And the maximum result to the treated liquid or substance is achieved in 24 hours - almost 1.5 million Bovis!

Please be careful when first using or wearing your energy device. Changing the energy level of your body to positive might result in an increase of existing symptoms over a short period of time. This is known as a "healing crisis." For example, if you have back pain, it might increase for some days before it starts getting better, because your body has to get used to 'normal' or positive energy. Or many people report flu-like symptoms. This is normal. Toxins and other negativities are being flushed into your system and you might feel like you are sick. If this is the case, back off wearing or energizing, until these toxins are flushed out of your system and then carefully begin increasing the time you are energizing your water, or wearing the energy device. In no time, you should be functioning at a higher level of energy and overall health.

Your energy device should give you years of enjoyment if treated kindly. Do not x-ray, and do not microwave, and keep away from magnets (plastic items). These will discharge them and they will lose their ability to energize. And if you bring it through the conveyors and new screeners at the airports they will also be discharged. Only a metal detector is safe.

Pictured at right: Cheryl before wearing the Pendant on left, and just after on the far-right.

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