General Questions

What is the level, on the Bovis Scale, of the "mother water" in the shell of the Mug, and in the other products?
Through a natural process all our products are subjected to high-energy earth data, thus enhancing and boosting their individual values to their appropriate level, to 5 million Bovis.

What does all this have to do and compare with tap water?
The average tap water measures in the 3,000 to 4,000 Bovis, or negative range. Bottled waters have been measured up to 5,000 Bovis, still negative.

Imagine it this way: in the larger environmental picture, what we have done in the past century and longer is to release more contaminated, de-energized water and other pollutants back into our groundwater system. The groundwater quality decreases. Then we re-use the water, then recycle it back more depleted, into an increasingly negative feedback loop. That's the most important reason tap water is not life-positive. And other damaging factors exasterbate the situation: the pressure in pipes, the pressure form water pumps, straight-line water pipes or conduits (remember, in nature water curves and spirals), exposure to negatively charged chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants. These factors combine in a telling loss of charge, or vibratory rate.

Now image if enough of us start to use these energy products, to break this negative cycle and reverse it by recycling higher and higher energy water back to our planet.

Do the products lose their ability to work over time?
i.e., does the low-energy water we place in the Mug eventually influence the high energy level of the "mother water" (now Gel) and pull it down?


You might think back to your 3rd law of thermodynamics which states that energy can't be lost or gained in a closed environment. That is, if the giver (Mug) transfers energy to the receiver (water/food), then the Mug should lose a proportional amount of energy it gives to the water/food, and eventually lose all its energy. However, this is not the case here. The mug is transferring energy similar to a cassett tape being copied. The original master copy stays the same but the copy is near identical. It's similar to a tuning fork causing another tuning fork to resonate. The original one does not lose energy. The only way to substantiate this is of course with instruments, and the Mug's energy or Bovis Level has been found to not lese its energy and Bovis level.

Do the products carry a guarantee?
Most certainly yes. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you notice a manufacturer's defect in a product even after the 30-day limit has past, call us and we will remedy the situation. And the Mug has a 3-year warranty.

Is there anything that harms or destroys the products?
Yes! Radiation, microwaves, transformer towers and x-rays. And remember, airlines use x-rays. Thus, for example, you cannot put your Mug in a suitcase if you're flying. It will usually be x-rayed, regardless of whether it's with you or sent on ahead of you - and it will lose all its ability to transform your water. Instead, when you're ready to go through the checkpoint, let the attendant carry it around the side, and then put it in your carry-on bag. Also, if you are carrying two or more devices in the same bag, make sure they are all upright.

Energy Mug

What is the best type of water to place in my Mug?
It is better to use purified or spring water, rather than tap water.

There are two types of water we recommend that you should NOT use: Distilled water, and reverse osmosis (RO) water. Both distilled and RO water will leech substances from their plastic containers, and metal pipes. If you are using bottled water, query your supplier to make sure he does not use RO.

I am using the Mug to energize my water. Should I keep it in the refrigerator, or out of the refrigerator, as I am energizing it?
The containers are best kept outside the refrigerator as you energize your water, because the transfer of data is better at room temperature than a cooler temperature, and this affects your body cells more positively. After the water is energized to the level you desire, simply pour it into another container and store it in the refrigerator if you so desire.

And what is the best temperature for the water to be at when we drink it?
It is also better to drink it at room temperature than to drink it cold. If fact, body temperature us even better for the transfer of data. But most people prefer liquids to be at least room temperature, and will only drink something if it is appealing to them.

How high does any liquid I put in the Mug go up on the Bovis Scale?
The "mother water" incorporated into all the containers is at 5 million Bovis. In 1-2 minutes, the water will go up to approximately 20,000-40,000 Bovis, and be life-positive.

If you leave water in the Mug for 12 hours, it will reach its peak. This peak will vary greatly depending on the quality of the water you place in the container. With excellent input water, this can be higher than 400,000 Bovis. With very poor quality input water (or liquid), it could be as low as 100,000-120,000 Bovis after 12 hours. But since 90,000 is the restorative level that health practitioners prescribe for their patients in restoring bodily tissues, this is still excellent. (The maintenance level of 10,000-40,000 Bovis for your body is maintained by using the Mug for 1-2 minutes)

What would be the ideal water to place in the Mug?
It is always best to use the best water available to you as the input water. The very best water would be water that has already been filtered and energized by units such as the Wand plus the Counter Top Unit.

What would the Ideal Bovis level of water / liquids to take while fasting?
It is the same as the ideal Bovis level for the water you drink when not fasting: 30,000 to 100,000. Again, if you go too high, you won't sleep.

What else can I place in my Mug to reverse its spin and thus make it life-positive?
Anything with a liquid content (this includes all foods). You should also place vitamins, and cosmetic products, etc. in the Mug.

How long should I place these in my Mug to accomplish this?
If the product has minimal liquid content, just leave the product in for one or two minutes. This will reverse the spin and make the product life-positive. If the product has a high liquid content, then a longer time, about 15 minutes, will bring this liquid content up higher on the Bovis scale.

Quantity also matters. For example, if you place an entire container of juice into the Mug, it is best to leave it in for 15 minutes. And color also has frequency. So if you places a colored bottle with liquid into the Mug, leave it in longer.

The list of genetically engineered foods, such as soy and corn, is growing. Even if we are careful, it is becoming impossible to absolutely know if we are eating one of these altered foods. What about these foods?
Leave these in the Mug for 15 minutes. Do the same with foods that have been irradiated.

Will extremely hot or cold liquids harm my Mug?
No. But most individuals nonetheless prefer to not put boiling or iced drinks into the Mug.

Can it go into the dishwasher?
Yes. But again, many users treasure their Mugs - and prefer to use them simply to transfer data, and thus not to clean them this way.

Energy Egg

Where in the refrigerator should I place the Energy Egg?
And would several Eggs be even better?

Place the Egg in the center of the refrigerator. More Eggs are not advised; use only one.

Does the Energy Egg influence the Bovis level of everything in the refrigerator?
Yes. It even influences the contents of your freezer.

What about foods in kitchen cabinets?
You can also place an Egg in each cabinet with foods like potatoes, bread, crackers, cookies, etc. ( hit the "ALT" + "LEFT ARROW" Keys to go Back to previous page )

Where in the house should I place the Pyramid?
In the middle of the house, and on the lower floor.

What is the ideal height for placement of the Pyrmaid?
The placement height for the Pyramid is very important because it is working with two energies of the earth. If you have a 2 or 3 story home, place it on the lowest floor, as close to the center of the dwelling as possible.
It can be placed directly on the floor, or on a low table or counter. It is better if it is lower than your head. However do not place it directly under your bed, a chair you sit on, or table that you sit at. You can hang it, but never puncture the Pyramid to hang it.

How long does the Pyramid need to be in my home before it has cleared the environment of negative (or right-turning) energy?
A maximum of 3 days.

How much area does the Pyramid cover?
The Pyramid is appropriate for a home. It covers a spherical area approximately 120' to 150' in diameter. Our largest homes are usually approximately 40'x 60' or 40'x 80' and fall well within this area. The Pyramid would be too strong to sleep if you put it in your bedroom or RV. Instead use an Energy Egg in each room. You can also use an Egg in a tent.

Can I use the smaller Pyramid in my RV?
Here even the smaller Pyramid would be too strong for you to sleep. Instead use an Energy Egg in each room. You can also use an Egg in a tent.

Can I find out if there are negative water lines beneath my bed? And if there are, what can I do?
The easiest way to find negative energies and lay lines in your home involves the use of kinesiology, or muscle testing. Lay lines are the vertical and horizontal energy lines that cirlce the earth running about 3 feet parallel to each other. The intersection of the horizontal and verticle, creates a point that is negative energy. You wish to avoid these intersections. Muscle test on the four corners of your bed to ascertain where any point of negativity is and then move your bed so these points won't be where you are sleeping. Interestingly, you could also use your dog, as a dog will allways keep circling until they find a positive energy point before they lay down, avoiding a negative spot or lay line intersection. In any case, the Pyramid will correct all these negative energies in your home, including negative water lines, making kinesiology unnecessary.

Energy Home and Well Wands

Can we use several products "additively"? For example, the Water Wand will bring the Bovis Scale of our water up to approximately 18,000. What is we use a Wand and then use a second product?
Yes, most of the products work this way. For example, if you use a Wand, and then also use the Mug, it will bring the water up to a higher Bovis level. There are a few exceptions; it would not work to place two Wands next to each other.

By using the products, what is the Bovis Level you recommend we bring our water to?
The maintenance level to maintain your body's health is 30,000-50,000. The restoration level is 90,000-100,000.

How can I accomplish this?
If, for example, you use the Water Wand, you have already reached 18,000 Bovis. If you want to raise this water to the restoration level of 90,000, you could place it in a Mug or Foodtainer overnight, or for approximately 8 hours. If you have one of the Containers, but do not yet have a Wand, the water will go to approximately 10,000 in 2 minutes in the Container. You would then need to leave it in for a maximum of 12 hours to get it to the restoration level of 90,000 units, again, depending on the input water's level.

Is a plumber needed to install the Wand or the Well Wand?
No plumber is needed for either product. The Wand is strapped onto your main water pipe using non-metalic tape; the Well Wand is lowered into your well, down into the water. There is an eyelet on the Well Wand, in which you attach a nylon cord or rope - nylon will last the longest.

Can I use the Well Wand in my home?
This is not advised. The Well Wand is specifically designed for wells, and is not for a home.

LifeForce Water 1-Liter Bottles

What is your original water source for the water in the Super LifeForce 1-liter bottled water, and what is its natural Bovis level?
The water is from mountain spring, harvested by nature. This pristine spring already registers at 6,500 on the Bovis Scale, the highest we have found on the planet. It is then ozonated. It is the best water we have ever tested