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Are you tired all the time? Do you know someone who is tired all the time?

If you need to get more energy, then you need to get "the Mug!"

The new Energy Mug. It's amazing.

There is nothing else like it.

Save money and feel better.

Do you eat junk food to get a boost of energy between meals? Stop wasting your money on sweets, candy, caffeine, sugar, soft drinks, and other junk food. When you eat junk food you get a "sugar high" then about an hour later you get a "sugar low".

Get the Energy Mug and feel better.

Fred's Story

Fred had a very tight schedule.

It was late Tuesday morning and Fred had to drive from Dallas to Atlantic City for a Thursday morning seminar. Fred was not attending the seminar - he was giving it.

Fred decided to use his Energy Mug during the long drive.

  • He placed all his vegetables and fruits in the Energy Mug before consuming them.

  • He also placed all his pure water water and juices into the Mug before drinking them.

  • He drove with one of his hands in the Mug.

All this helped Fred drive without incident and with only a little fatigue. This inspite of the fact that between Tuesday morning and Thursday morning he only had four hours of sleep at a Comfort Inn (from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.).

On Thursday, Fred set up and presented a full day seminar. That evening, he only needed seven hours sleep. On Friday, he gave another full day seminar, followed by eight hours of sleep.

There was no "crash" often associated with stimulants or energy boosters. He apparently had found a natural energy that his entire body understood.

Kathy's Story

Kathy drank 6-7 Cokes per day for years before her fiance asked her to place her drinks in the Essential Energy Mug for a couple of minutes before she drank them.

In four days she was down to one Coke a day with no caffeine withdrawal.

Today, she can go as long as she wishes with no cravings for Sodas or sweets. Everything she drinks and most everything she eats goes in or on the Energy Mug for a couple of minutes before being consumed.

Dayle's Story

Dayle was very tired for over a month when a friend told him about the Energy Mug. The first day he used it he was at a seminar in which he was a guest speaker. He drank water out of his Energy Mug all during the seminar. He was full of energy during the entire seminar and after the seminar. It was the first time in months that he felt so full of energy. Dayle recommends the Energy Mug to everyone now.

More Great Stories

"The expiration date on my carton of milk is 4/24 and I just had some tonight (5/4/01). Before I put the energy egg in my refrig, my milk would be sour within 2 days after expiration date." L.H. Nako

"As well as joint pain being relieved in one of our friend's elbow and shoulder in ten minutes or so, another friend had a stress buildup on her neck and shoulders giving her a lot of pain. After 5 minutes or so with the egg directly on her neck it was completely gone. She bought it on the spot. One more thing also, with a blood pressure machine you can take you heart rate before and after holding the egg or the hand in the mug and it will be about ten beats higher without the egg or mug. My wife also sleeps with it and keeps her from tossing and turning. It is great." Scott and Helen Christie

"I love that Energy Egg. It prolongs the life of my fruits and veggies like you wouldn't believe. I tested a head of lettuce and it last six weeks. Just a tiny bit of brown on the outside and the inside was nice and crisp. And yes, the Mug changes the taste of your drinks. Wine, OJ and so forth. Takes the acid taste away." Patricia

"I use the energy mug for water all the time. Water tastes smoother and seems more refreshing. I also filter all our water. My 15 year old son notices and likes the taste of water from the mug. The egg is very good at keeping food fresh longer." Bill

"WOW! Our Energy Egg has paid for itself many times over. Not only does our milk last from 10-14 days longer...BUT.....The boys went to eat some yogurt last night before bed. The date on the container was DECEMBER 14, 2000! We couldn't believe it!" Tim & Julie Brown

"After receiving the mug I decided to try it that night. I drank from the mug 3 separate times within an hour and a half. This took place after 9:00 PM, by 1:00 AM I was not tired as usual and I had the energy to stay up longer than that, but I decided it was a good idea to go to bed so I would get up and go to work the next morning. I also noticed that my filtered water had a sweeter taste to it. Wow this mug is incredible!!!" Jesse

"The water tastes absolutely delicious! When I drink from my Energy Mug, I am tasting something very clean, refrshing, and HEALTHY. As a reverse aging researcher I can, with qualification, assure you that cellular rehydration is the first essential step in the age reversal process. The taste of left spin water is unlike anything else!" W. Dennis

"After about 2 months using the mug, I started noticing my hair turning darker, my skin color is better, my hands are smoother, I abound with enegy, a chronic stiffness on the left shoulder and back area is subsiding, and I have a much better outlook on life, the way it should be. A health practioner said everyone should have one of these, I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks, Jack Payne." Jack Payne

"I used to wake up in the morning, still tired with the joints in my arms and legs aching. After using the energy mug for about four weeks the aching has disappeared and I awaken rested and ready to go." Glen J.

"I ordered from you about a month ago. I'm a 76 year old diabetic (Type II). I try to control by diet & exercise. My Blood Sugar was 160-190. After a couple weeks, my sugar was 115-135. Nothing changed except I drank only out of the mug. I also quite putting on shaving cream. Just water out of the mug. My wrinkles seem to be getting less. Hope my white hair changes! Thanks." Don Flowers

"I am very happy with my mug. I had ordered one just to try it out and I love it. I drink all my water from my filtered tap water. Now my water tastes great. I have more energy, feel better and I'm 53 years old. I really enjoy the benefits you said I'd get, so I want another one. So I'll have one for my water and one for my soups and other drinks. Thank you so much for such a great product. Now I can show all my friends with proof that it works! I sleep lots better and I find I need less sleep and my memory is getting better also. Thank you for that." Wilbert Abshire

"My husband and I each got an Energy Mug, and we're so happy we did. Our water tastes better by far and other drinks like tea and coffee taste much smoother with less bite. My husband smokes, so he puts his cigarettes in the mug when it's dry and he says they taste smoother too. And I know that it's not as bad for him because I understand that when the spin changes, the things become healthier. I still want him to quit smoking, but at least it's not so bad for him now. We both have more energy and are feeling better and can work the whole day without fatigue. On days when we don't use it, we can really feel the difference - we're getting spoiled with feeling better! Thanks for telling us about it!" L. F.

"I got two Energy Mugs from you about a month and a half ago. That mug is really helping my pain go away. I've had extreme pain for like 28 years. It's nice to finally get rid of hut from my body. Thank you!" Stephen A. Bayless

"I am very pleased with the mug you sent to me. Everyone I give a drink to says the same as you do... I am very impressed with your research. I was a chemistry major in college so I know a little about the ionization of water. I would like to get all the info you have... Also, can I sell these mugs out of my office???" LeRoy I. Nelson, DDS

"I just received my energy mug and I'm happy with it. I can really feel the energy from the mug. Thank you very much."

"Energized Water, also called Energy Water, is like the water God makes in a thunder storm and it seems to be helpful in detoxifying the body. I know it helps me. I have also used it on my organic vegetable garden with astonishingly wonderful results. I notice that my laundry is cleaner too." Francis Goode


Any hot or cold food or drink may be placed into or set on top of the mug and left for 2 minutes for maximum effect. Once the liquid or food is removed from the mug, it does not lose its energy, unless microwaved. If you regularly cook your food in a microwave oven it is recommended that you place your food on top of the mug for several minutes prior to eating it. Food cooked in a microwave has a very negative spin that can be damaging to your health. It has also been noticed that the energy mug can help reduce craving by placing the food that you crave in the mug for several minutes prior to eating or drinking it.

Special Care and Handling Instructions:
The Essential Energy Mug should not be x-rayed or placed near a microwave. In an airport, it's safe to hand-carry through metal detectors, but not through the current airport 'screeners'. Do not place on hand luggage x-ray. If checked baggage is going to be x-rayed (now x-rayed randomly), remove and allow hand inspection. Recent experience (2012), is that airport officials will confiscate the Mug if seen on your person.

NOTE: For best protection you would want to surround the mug with a lead lined bag such as what is used for film.

More on the Energy Mug

The secret to the Energy Mug is the naturally enhanced water encased in the mug. This amazing enhanced water sets the Energy Mug apart from structured / magnetized / purified / mineralized or otherwise artificially contrived waters.

Use this mug to positively energize virtually any food or drink. Simply place any food or drink into the mug and wait 60 seconds before transferring to your preferred glass or dish.

After you buy an Energy Mug try the following experiment:

  1. Cut up an apple into several slices.
  2. Place three slices inside the Energy Mug.
  3. Place the remaining pieces several feet away from the Energy Mug.
  4. Wait 60 minutes.
  5. Observe what has happened to the apple slices in the Energy Mug and the apple slices outside the Energy Mug.

Observing the results of this experiment will help you appreciate the vitalizing impact that treating your food and water with the Energy Mug and Energy Egg.

The Gift of Energy

What can you do for someone who is tired all the time? Give them the gift of energy. Give them an Energy Mug.

The Energy Mug is a truly amazing product!

Get an Energy Mug for the home and the office.

The Energy Egg (now the Energy Ball)

Energy Egg

Placing the Energy Egg in the center shelf of your refrigerator will create an amazing difference in virtually all food and beverages!

Retards spoilage by days and weeks.

When placed in the upper rack of the dishwasher, the Energy Egg provides improved wash and rinse, as well a decrease in the amount of detergent needed to get results.