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FAQS and USAGE TIPS         

Energy Mug Energy Mug

Q How long does the energizing process take - will the Mug (or Pitcher) instantly energized tap water or does it have to sit? And how high does any liquid I put in the Mug go up on the Bovis Scale?
Ą  Basically, you just have to leave water in the Mug or Pitcher for at least 2 minutes, and the water will go up to approximately 15,000-30,000 Bovis, and be life-positive. Most people just use their Mugs this way, but some want all the energy they can get and leave their water in longer. Through a natural process, all our products are subjected to high-energy earth data, thus enhancing and boosting their individual values to 5 million Bovis. If you leave water in the Mug for 24 hours, it will reach its peak. This peak will vary greatly depending on the quality of the water put in the Mug. With excellent input water, this can be as high as 1.5 million Bovis. With very poor quality input water, it could be as low as 800,000-1,000,000 Bovis after 24 hours. But since 90,000 is the theraputic level that health practitioners prescribe for their patients in restoring bodily tissues, this is still excellent (actually more than enough). The maintenance level for the body is between 15,000 to 50,000 Bovis, obtained after 2-15 minutes.

Q What does all this have to do and compare with tap water?
Ą  The average tap water measures 3,000 to 4,000 Bovis, in the negative range. Bottled waters have been measured up to 5,000 Bovis, still negative. The neutral point for the human body is about 6,500. Therefore when you drink tap or bottled water, it actually robs your body of energy, although this negative level water is still essential for hydration and life. And in a larger environmental picture, what we have done in the past century and longer is to release more contaminated, de-energized water and other pollutants back into our groundwater system. The groundwater quality decreases. Then we re-use the water, then recycle it back more depleted, into an increasingly negative feedback loop. That's the most important reason tap water is not life-positive. And other damaging factors exacerbate the situation: the pressure in pipes and water pumps, straight-line water pipes or conduits (in nature, water curves and spirals), and exposure to negatively charged chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants. These factors combine in a telling loss of charge, or vibratory rate. Now image if enough of us start to use these energy products, to break this negative cycle and reverse it by recycling higher and higher energy water back to our planet.

Q Do the products lose their ability to work over time? i.e., does the low-energy water we place in the Mug eventually influence the high energy level of the water of the Mug and pull it down?
Ą  No, this doesn't happen. You might think back to your 3rd law of thermodynamics which states that energy can't be lost or gained in a closed environment. That is, if the giver (Mug) transfers energy to the receiver (water/food/etc.), then the Mug should lose a proportional amount of energy it gives, and eventually lose all its energy. However, this is not the case here. The mug is transferring energy similar to a cassette tape being copied. The original master copy stays the same and the copy is near identical, with the ability to copy indefinitely. It's also similar to a tuning fork causing another tuning fork to resonate. The original one does not lose energy. This can be substantiated with dowsing and kinesiology, and the Mug's energy level has been found to maintain its original Bovis level, if not discharged as given in the next answer. A plastic, water-energized foodtainer was tested after 12 years and found that it lost only 10% of its original Bovis level energy, used in and around a kitchen environment.

Q Is there anything that harms or destroys the products?
Ą  Yes! For the water-filled, plastic devices, x-rays and microwaves will discharge them and render them useless in energizing things. And remember, airlines use x-rays. Thus, you can't put your Mug in a suitcase if you're flying. It will usually be x-rayed, regardless of whether it's with you or sent on ahead of you - and it will lose all its ability to transform your water. If put on the conveyor, it will definitely be x-rayed and discharged, so it must be hand-carried around the conveyor. Also, if it's a new scanner, the scanner's radiation will discharge the (plastic) mugs, so you must have it carried around. The only thing that is safe is for the products to go through the metal detector - this will not harm them. In the past, most attendants could be asked to carry an energy product safely around the side of the conveyor, but not as much today. In today's paranoid and mostly contrived security state, you're going to have hassles taking a product safely on a flight. In any case, the plastic Pitcher has more than the allowable 3 ounces and should not be taken through an airport as they will almost assuredly confiscate it. But, for the adventurous, the glass beads can pretty easily be hidden on your body, and not easily found on pat downs, avoiding the conveyor belt and scanner. In any case, the glass beads, and all the glass products have been tested with x-rays, and found not to be harmed. (But we still recommend you avoid x-rays for them, as well of course, for the plastic products.) The one other thing you can do is to wrap your energy device in aluminum foil and put it in with your regular, checked luggage. If it is randomly x-rayed, the foil will protect your device from the x-rays. Finally, if you absolutely have to have an energized product at your destination, it would be better to ship it there, (via UPS who guarantees they don't x-ray, or wrapped in aluminum foil if sent by US Mail).

Moderately hot or cold liquids will not harm the plastic Mug or Pitcher, or their energy, but they will last longer if you don't put boiling or iced drinks into them. And never put boiling liquids in the glass products. DO NOT FREEZE any of the products. Keep them at least 3 feet away from a microwave and 6 feet is better, as microwaves have been shown to emit harmful radiation, even when not on. Also, do not put the plastic devices on or near electronics like computers, TVs or cell phones, etc., and also magnets. At least 2 feet away is best. Keep away from wall outlets also, today's AC current having a wave length of about 1 and a half feet. After many years, keeping the plasic devices near electric appliances will eventually cause them to lose a small proportion of their energy. At any rate, the new glass products are not harmed by magnets, electricity, or x-rays. In fact, we recommend you wear a glass pendant or place a glass bead on a computer while working on it, as these will protect you from unhealthy frequencies.

Q I am using the Mug to energize my water. Should I keep it in the refrigerator, or out of the refrigerator, as I am energizing it?
Ą  The containers are best kept outside the refrigerator as you energize your water, because the transfer of data is better at room, rather than a cooler temperature, and this affects your body cells more positively. After the water is energized to the level you desire, you can put the mug/pitcher in the refrigerator, or simply pour the energized water into another container and store it in the refrigerator if you so desire, and it will maintain its energy level indefinitely.

Q And what is the best temperature for the water to be at when we drink it?
Ą  It is also better to drink it at room temperature than to drink it cold. If fact, body temperature us even better for the transfer of data. But most people prefer liquids to be at least room temperature, and will only drink something if it is appealing to them.

Q What would be the ideal water to place in the Mug?
Ą  It is always best to use the best water available to you as the input water for the Mug. Starting out with purified or spring water, rather than tap water, is better. You can leave Distilled or water filtered by Reverse Osmosis in the plastic Mug / Pitcher for up to 24 hours without harm, as they tend to leach plastic off the container's sides if left in contact any lonter. And after energizing, you can safely store this water in glass containers. The plastic Mug will still energize Distilled and Reversed Osmosis water, and turn the spin of the water atoms' counter-clockwise (left) and positive, the same amount as any other water. A great solution, if you are filtering your own water, is to first energize it, then use distillation, or reverse osmosis to filter it, and it will still maintain its positive energy charge.

Q Can the Mug and Pitcher go into the dishwasher?
Ą  No. It is advised that you hand-wash all the energy products in mild soap, and don't immerse them completely in water (glass mugs/pitchers okay for that).

Q What else can I place in my Mug to reverse its spin and thus make it life-positive, and how long should I treat these to accomplish this?
Ą  Anything with at least a minimum liquid content (this includes all, and especially, foods). You should also put in vitamins, cosmetics, etc. If the product has a high liquid content, just leave the product in for at least 2 minutes. This will reverse the spin from right to left and make the product life-positive. If you want higher energy, or if the product has less liquid content (vitamins, food, etc.), leaving it in at least 15 minutes will bring it up higher on the Bovis scale. Quantity also matters. For example, if you place an entire container of juice into the Mug or Pitcher, it's best to leave it in for 15 minutes. And color also has frequency. So if you place a colored bottle with liquid into the Mug, leave it in longer. The list of genetically engineered foods, such as soy and corn, is growing. Even if we are careful, it is becoming impossible to know absolutely if we are eating one of these altered foods. Leave these in the Mug for at least 15 minutes. Do the same with foods that have been irradiated. And it won't hurt if you forget hours later, or the next morning that you left them in the Mug. They will be more highly energized.

Q By using the products, what is the Bovis Level you recommend we bring our water to?
Ą  This is up to you and what you want for your body and health. The maintenance level to maintain your body's health is 15,000-50,000 Bovis. The restoration level is 90,000-100,000. You need not be afraid to use the highest Bovis you can achieve - it can only help you. If, for example, you use the Water Wand, you have already reached 40-50,000 Bovis. If you want to raise this water to the restoration level of 90,000, you could place it in a Mug or Pitcher for another 15 minutes or more, and it will reach its maximum of at least 1 million Bovis if left in overnight. A great benefit of regular consumption of energized water, and food, is that after a period of time, all the cells of your body will be positively changed to be left-turning. This of course, has great health, and longevity benefits.

Energy Sphere Energy Egg (Now the Ball, and the small and large glass beads can be used like the egg)

Q Where in the refrigerator should I place the Energy Egg? And would several eggs be even better?
Ą  Place the Egg in the center of the refrigerator. More than one Egg is not advised. It energizes everything in the 'fridge and even the contents of your freezer.

Q What about foods in kitchen cabinets?
Ą  You can also place an Egg in each cabinet with foods like potatoes, bread, crackers, cookies, etc., but keep away from microwaves!

The energy Balls are polypropylene, FDA approved, but not food grade, so they're not absolutely safe to immerse in your water jugs to energize larger amounts of water. And they're also not absolutely safe to energize your bath, spa, and dishwasher, although many people have told us they do this without ill effects. Please take advantage of the healthy left spin the Balls put on your clothes - put them in your hot water laundry (they can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees).

Energy Pyramid Pyramid

Q What is the ideal height for placement of the Pyramid?
Ą  The placement height for the Pyramid is very important because it is working with the energies of the earth. If you have a 2 or 3 story home, place it on the lowest floor, as close to the center of the dwelling as possible. It can be placed directly on the floor, or on a low table or counter. It is better if it is lower than the level of your head. However do not place it directly under your bed, a chair you sit on, or table that you sit at. You can hang it also with your own hanging system. The Pyramid would be too strong to sleep if you put it in your bedroom or RV. Instead use an Energy Egg in each room. You can also use an Egg in a tent. The Pyramid energy radiates mostly upwards and outwards.

Q How long does the Pyramid need to be in my home before it has cleared the environment of negative (or right-turning) energy?
Ą  From 30 to 60 minutes is all that is needed. And if there are negative water lines beneath your bed, the Pyramid will correct it. If the pyramid is removed, the negative energies that were there originally will return.

Q How much area does the Pyramid cover?
Ą  The Pyramid is appropriate for a home. It covers a spherical area approximately 120' to 150' in diameter. Our largest homes are usually approximately 40'x 60' or 40'x 80' and fall well within this area. Also, a damp cloth is all that is needed to clean the pyramid.

Q Can I find out if there are negative water lines or negative energy beneath my bed, or in my home? And if there are, what can I do?
Ą  The easiest way to find negative energies and lay lines in your home involves the use of kinesiology (muscle testing), or dowsing. Lay lines are the vertical and horizontal energy lines that circle the earth, parallel to each other. The vertical run about 6 feet apart, and the horizontal, 8 feet. These lines are negative energy in themselves but the intersection of the horizontal and vertical, creates a point that is very negative. You wish to avoid these lines and intersections. Muscle test on the four corners of your bed, or use a dowsing rod to ascertain where any point of negativity is and then move your bed so these points won't be where you are sleeping. Interestingly, you could also use your dog, as they will always keep circling until they find a positive energy point before they lay down, avoiding a negative spot or lay line, or lay line intersection. In any case, the Pyramid will correct all these negative energies in your home, including negative water lines (streams), making kinesiology unnecessary. (email us at support@energymugs.com for a good muscle-testing technique.)

Energy Pyramid Water Wand

Q Can we use several products "additively"? For example, the Water Wand will bring the Bovis Scale of our water up to approximately 40,000. What if we use a Wand and then use a second product?
Ą  Yes, most of the products work this way. For example, if you use a Wand, and then also use the Mug, it will bring the water up to a higher Bovis level. There are a few exceptions; it would not work to place two Wands next to each other.

Q How can I accomplish this?
Ą  If, for example, you use the Water Wand, you have already reached 40,000 Bovis. If you want to raise this water to the restoration level of 90,000, you could then place it in a Mug or Pitcher, for approximately 1/2 hour, depending on the input water's level. If you do not yet have a Wand, the water will go to approximately 30,000 in 2 minutes in a Mug or Pitcher, and higher if left in longer.

Q Is a plumber needed to install the Water Wand or the Well Wand? Can I use the Well Wand in my home?
Ą  No, a plumber is not needed. The Water Wand is strapped onto your main water pipe using non-metallic tape, or the included cable ties. It doesn't matter how far your main water line is away from your house. It could be 200 feet and the water wand will still work, but always remember not to allow it to freeze! Attach it right against the main water line. Works for copper, PVC, or galvanized water lines. The energy transfer from the wand is best with metal pipes, next best is corrugated steel, and next is PVC (plastic). If you don't have 24" of free water line, you can also attach it anywhere water comes into your house, like before or after a hot water heater. Note: if placed after, this may then only energize your hot water, depending on your water line setup.

The Well Wand is no longer available, but the Cocoon Pool Activator can now be used in its place. It has an eyelet and an attached rope and is lowered into your well, down into the water.

Q Won't the charged water be used up rather quickly with all the water usage during the day?
Ą  Eventually, the water in the pipes of your house that have been energized all night will be all used up, with normal usage during the day. When this will happen, would depend on the amount being used, and your setup. If you install before your hot water heater, this will energize all of that water and last a lot longer. When you stop using water (and even when it is being used), the energizing process is on-going in charging the water. This charging happens very quickly through water, almost like electricity passing through a conductive wire (remember, water is the best carrier of information). We used to sell an energized shower head and filter, in which the water was being energized as it passed through the filter, in real time. At the very least for the water wand, this is also what happens. Now (just like the shower filter) since the water is passing by the wand so quickly, it won't charge the water to a very high degree, but it will charge it to a positive level, and a lot more than the shower filter, since the wand is quite long (24").

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