Essential Energy Products

The Essential Energy Mug

The Energy Mug, and all of the energy products have been upgraded from their original 800,000 Bovis, to 2.5 million, then to 5 million, and now up to an incredible 12 million Bovis. (Bovis refers to Bio-photons, or the smallest particles of light-energy). The importance of this can't be understated, as most tap water today is 'dead', lifeless water that actually robs you of energy. The high energy of the Mug can reverse this negative, lifeless information in water back to a positive, highly energized, charged, life-giving state! This state allows the cells of the body to stay hydrated (full of water), and not get 'puckered up' and old.

This energized, positively polarized water within the double walls of the Mug, gives virtually any substance or liquid put into the Mug, a positive spin. Although one cannot see the difference, most people claim that foods and liquids that are treated by the Mug taste fresher and sweeter.

When any hot or cold liquid or food substance (also vitamins, skin care products, etc) is placed in the Energy Mug for 2 or more minutes, positive 'energy information' is transferred from the water between the Mug's double walls to the new liquid or solid. The electrons in the new substance take on a positive left spin. Their free radical nature is virtually eliminated! And once the liquid or food is removed from the mug, it does not lose its energy, unless microwaved. And the Mug lasts virtually forever.

The Essential Energy Egg (now the Energy Ball)

Place the Energy Ball in the center shelf of the refrigerator, upper dishwasher rack or in food storage cabinets. The Ball will create an amazing difference in virtually all food and beverages. Foods will taste smoother and sweeter and stay fresher, retarding spoilage for days and weeks!
The Energy Ball has the added advantage of being able to be used as a laundry ball, imparting a more healthy, left spin on your clothes. Those other 'laundry disks' actually put a right spin on your clothes, which is unhealthy. You will feel the difference when you wear your clothes. You only have to use about 25-50% of the laundry detergent you used to. Numerous other applications: Put in fish tanks to make fish more vital, and only clean 25% as often.

Energy Stick

The Energy Stick can be used anywhere you want to change negative eneryg to positive. It contains highly charged and specially energized, positive polarizing water. This water transforms positive, left-spinning information into your body or the substance being treated. Erases aches and pains like magic!

4" Energized House Pyramid

The Whole-House Solution! The Essential Whole-House Energizer is designed to bring the environment within the home and surrounding land to a low (subtle) Energy Pyramid level positive energy field of approximately 10-12,000 Bovis!

Extraordinary as it sounds, according to Manfred Bauer, the Energy Mug inventor, the effect extends to a 150' diameter sphere!

This very attractive, 4" by 4" plastic pyramid raises the energy in your home up to positive life force energy. It does the same thing the Mug does, just over a bigger area. It will not charge the area to the same degree the Mug can charge water, but it creates a subtle energy field that is health-giving, not life draining.

This device is capable of changing dextrorotatory ( right-turning ) negative Energy Fields into levorotatory ( left-turning ) positive Energy Fields. It will affect an area of approximately 120-150' diameter. The time needed to change the negative energy fields is between 12 and 24 hours. The energy Level will be between 8,000 and 10,000 Bovis (Bio-Angstrom ), depending on the original level.

Important: Changing the energy field of your bed location and your house to positive might result in an increase of existing symptoms over a short period of time. For example, if you have back pain, caused by negative energy fields, it might increase for some days before its getting better, because your body has to get used to "normal" or positive energy. And also because like anything that heals, as it starts to heal, sometimes the toxins or negative condition that are released, tend to make the body appear and feel worse, while and until it is healed enough.

To get the optimum results, place the Energy Pyramid in the center of your house, always on the first floor, as the energy emanates upwards and outwards. Never place it in a bedroom or under chairs, sofas, etc. Keep clear of electrical outlets and do not place on TV's, microwaves or similar electrical or electronic devices.

Mr. Bauer discovered that often times people who get cancer or other debilitating diseases live in a 'negative' energy field. They may have their bed over an underground stream, which creates negative energy. By being exposed to this negative energy, their biological systems eventually weaken, and they are more prone to sickness.

Now you can ensure that you live in a 'positive' energy field. Robert Bernardini, mistakenly put the Pyramid in his bedroom, but couldn't sleep!. He had too much energy! He called Manfred, who told him to move the pyramid about 25 feet away. "Since then, I've been sleeping like a baby", said Bernardini.

Other Benefits Of The Energy Pyramid Whole-House Energizer

Energy Water Wand

The Energy Water Wand is a 24" long, flexible sealed tube. It contains highly charged Water Wand and specially energized, positive polarizing water, rated at 5 million Bovis. This water transfers information into the water in your home waterpipe, so that your home water changes into positve. You will feel, smell and teste the difference!

Simply attach it parallel to your main water pipe with the included ties or non-metallic tape inside your home or business. Avoid exposing it to microwaves, devices such as airport scanners, or freezing temperatures.

A spactacular device because it continually treats your whole home water system with zero maintenance. Other appliances costing thousands can't duplicate the left-turning, energized and healthy spin of the resulting water. Many users report now seeing perfectly clear water in their comode holding tanks, where before it was rusty! Others marvel at the difference their water feels when showering and seeing the positive results of washing their hair. One man happily told us he now saved thousands by not having to replace his hot water heater, where before it had become rusty with use. The water wand turns hard minerals soft, and many owners have done away with their water softeners!

Energized Pitcher

Our new 80 oz. Pitcher is functionally very similar to the original Foodtainer except that it has a handle and a spout to facilitate pouring. The sealed cylinder in the center is filled with 5 million Bovis water and is what energizes anything that you put into the Pitcher. Put both Foods and liquids in the pitcher for a few minutes to energize and change the spin. Maximize the effectiveness of a detoxification regime and ward off the health dangers of dehydration by energizing your drinking water a pitcher at-a-time. Great for almost all beverages, but not polycarbonate, therefore not suitable for hot liquids, but it's made of inert acrylic, a great plastic to drink out of.

Energy Pendant (Medallion)

Surround yourself with in a highly energized field while energizing your thymus gland,

Eliminate the debilitating effects of negative earth energies, and harmful subtle frequencies all day long. Round in shape, this lovely piece of glass jewelry is now energized to 12 million Bovis. Worn around the neck, it is both attractive and effective. (Chain not included.)

Distributor Marketing Kit

There is also an income opportunity available (this is not MLM). This is an excellent way to earn extra money whille getting younger at the same time! To receive a complete marketing kit, add $15 to your order. By becoming a distributor, you'll be able to save between 20 and 25% yourself on all subsequent orders for Energy products, or on all your personal sales. For example, for every Energy Mug you sell, you make about $12, and more for higher-priced items.

Distributor ID #

All Distributors immediately receive an ID#, which they use for themselves, to receive commission for the product they order. When distributors get friends and customers to order product, they just give them their ID#, and the distributor will get the same great commission whenever your client or friend orders, lifetime. Even if the customer forgets to give your ID# on subsequent orders, you still get commission, as we track and have on record that they are your downline.

In addition, you can promote the products on the Internet, or in paper classified ads, etc. Distributors immediately get their own webpage, which is set up automatically when you get the distributor kit. Just send your friends or prospective customers to:   where "xxxxx" is your distributor number. When they go to the order page, your ID# is automatically inserted, so when they order, your ID# is sent to us and you get commission for the order. You don't have to do a thing. Just send them to your webpage. You can make web classified ads or email, etc. (but please don't spam. Email only to those people who have opted in for, ie. are health opportunity seekers, or people you know are interested). You can put links in the email or classified ads to YOUR webpage (ie. to
Distributors also have web access (see the distributor link at the bottom of the home page) to dealer prices, with other features coming, like reports of past sales, and commissions, etc.